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Festival Of The Sahara

From 8 to 11 November in Tunis will host the original Sahara Douz festival, which has its roots in the distant past. It has its origins in the Bedouin fairs marriages where one could find their soul mate. This four-day festival, which gathers annually about 50 000 tourists, represents the cultural heritage of Tunisian Bedouin dance, poetry and crafts.

In addition to the fair, visitors can see the original races involving horses, camels and greyhounds. In addition, the indigenous people of Tunisia, Berbers, will demonstrate the skills of handling weapons. Here is the opportunity to taste the dishes of traditional cuisine in a real Bedouin tent


Peculiarities of the national sex

By early June the Russians particularly strong are overcome with desire for constant change. We are irresistibly drawn to far (or not) of the country. And there… Hot macho, discreet Vikings, the mysterious people of the East… At any time between us and the foreigners may occur romantic… And then it is very important to understand each other. Problems can arise not only due to the language barrier. The fact that the “language of love” every people too — like its national cuisine. And in the event of a holiday romance, it is useful to know.

The East is a delicate and sometimes treacherous. If a Muslim woman is openly made contact with you, beware of this trick. Around the corner could hide her relatives, armed in the worst case curved daggers, and in the best cameras. In most Islamic countries (which include our favorite resorts of Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia ) for touching a woman is punishable by monetary fine.

The new airport in Tunisia

The airport in Enfida will have a fantastic appearance. Large specialized Turkish holding company Tepe Akfen Ventures (TAV) won the tender for a period of 40 years for the construction and operation of the new airport in Tunisia Enfidha city, as well as to manage existing airport in Monastir. The first phase of airport construction has begun and will be completed in 2009.

TAV will invest in the project is 400 million euros. The total area of the airport is 4 300 ha, and the area of the terminal building of 90,000 sq. m. This holding has already completed the construction of modern airports in Tbilisi and Batumi. The city of Enfidha is located about 80 km from the capital of Tunisia, industrial and commercial center of the country, and resorts of Hammamet, Sousse-Kantaoui, Skanes-Monastir, located on the banks HAMAMATSUCHO Bay.

The Enfidha airport will become one of the main air gate of the country. He will specialize in Charter operations with a capacity of 5 million passengers per year, which will significantly relieve the airport of Tunis-Carthage. By 2030, with the launch of the second phase, the capacity will increase to 20-30 million passengers per year. Now the airport in Monastir takes a year about 4 million people.

In addition to the facilities of the main building there will be a first-class shopping, dining and entertainment complexes. The town itself Enfidha nothing stands out, but is located near the Berber village of Takrouna where from the rock on which it stands, offers stunning views of the Northern mountain landscape. Through Enfidha passes the main highway and railway.

Comments of experienced

Vacationing with 17.06-28.06. All inclusive. The hotel is conveniently located on the first line near the sea, there is much to walk in the evening. Inhabited with sea view no extra cost is not necessary. Beach towels are issued without cash collateral on the card, which is issued upon arrival. The staff is very friendly. Now for the cons. Be sure to take the safe, there was a case, robbed a nearby room, while the girl went on a trip. The room cleaning ladies kept forgetting to report to the soap. Towels were taken from morning and could put new the next day. Did not help even a tip. For them the only thing that was added, so it flowers in the corners of the bed. The quality of service is not affected.

The beach is cleaned 1 time per week, accumulated a lot of garbage and black algae in the coastal strip. In the afternoon the water was often dirty from algae, and when it was stormy and the garbage, plastic bags of all sorts floated. The restaurant food seemed to us not salty, when doole on the table, not the taste of it. Sausage-type 2-3 have the same taste, something like liver, but normal color. The bacon at Breakfast was only 1 time. Had to take the sausages taste any, boiled in water. Well the rest of the food on 5,especially pastries and cond. products, all the while watermelons, cantaloupe, peaches, less grapes, dates.

Was not Russian channel on TV, but the remote was able to catch the first channel. At the appointed time came, the guide, was late for 2 hours, could and to warn, to call on them. Unlucky and guided trips into the Sahara, named Hafed, speaks Russian poorly, not clearly, several times repeats the end of each phrase. After 15 minutes, the information is no longer perceived.

In the bus, not Intrusive repeated several times that we should thank the driver for the trip. Also need to thank the driver of a jeep while riding in the Sahara. The promised air conditioning in the jeep was an open driver’s window.(like save petrol).Upon arrival in the city of El JEM additionally take Dinar for permission to shoot, could-be and the company to pay, all the same excursion costs 205$.The bus was cramped, if a big increase, I do not know where your knees to put it. On the day of departure have extended the number to hasaw without problems for 30 Dinar. To get to reception at 10am on day of departure, at the reception, the good guys are working, although not speak Russian. Well, perhaps all. In the last day, still didn’t want to leave.

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