Unusual traditions of Azerbaijan

In ancient times, the Azerbaijanis adhered interesting custom: if the maid or guest hosts took out a bag of groceries, it was a hint that he should go home. Whether this custom to this day? What traditions of Azerbaijan should know that the person who first visited this country? Knowing the answers to these questions will not only broaden their horizons, but also help to avoid a lot of confusion or even offense. To understand the majority of the Azerbaijani traditions, it must be remembered that they were born as a result of a combination of ancient cults with traditional Muslim norms.

The tradition of hospitality

First time visiting Azerbaijan, is to get acquainted with the traditions of receiving guests in this country. Then you can easily and quickly find a contact with each Azerbaijani. And to host a guest here know how with real panache and genuine hospitality. But it is worth remembering that the rejection of invitations to guests can be regarded as an insult. Although no one will intrude, because the guest’s wish is a law. Therefore it is better to negotiate with the landlord for another time.

Entering the house, you need to remove your shoes and follow the orders of the master. In Azerbaijan, the host or another source can give guest gifts, so it’s good to have at least a small souvenir. Also don’t be surprised when the local women set the table, but will refuse to share a meal. Moreover, increased attention to the hostess, and sometimes even attempt to start a conversation with her can be perceived disapprovingly.

In a special way in Azerbaijan was welcomed high-ranking guests. The first group of people gathered in a certain place. Then they were divided into 2 groups. The first were the elders, or the elders, who had special bread or pita bread, salt, syrup and other sweets. The second group consisted of civil servants, musicians, folk singers. She walked slightly behind the first. The guests were welcomed with songs, treated and threw flowers at his feet. And when distinguished guests came to the house, they made beautiful Karabakh, Guba and Shirvan carpets.

Having been in a foreign country, you always want to preserve the memories of her hospitality. The best reminder will be a small souvenir. In this capacity, can serve as “armudu” – pear Azerbaijani Cup for tea. Apart from its aesthetic value, these glasses possess and thermophysical. In particular, thin waist “shaped” does not transmit a stream of warm fluid rising from the bottom. Thus, tea in those glasses is cooled immediately.

Culinary traditions

One of the main features of the Azerbaijani cuisine. like any East, is a unique flavor and spicy taste of the dishes. Such an amazing effect Azerbaijani food give various spices. Special attention should be paid to the saffron and sumac (barberry powder). The first was an integral component of many pilafs. And sumac served with meat dishes. By the way, is another distinctive feature of Azerbaijani cuisine — use of lamb. From it is prepared dolma, which is very similar to cabbage rolls.

Widely known dishes such as kufta-bozbash (broth with meatballs, potatoes and peas), Dovga (soup made from sour milk) and, of course, kebab. Different regions of Azerbaijan can also boast a special cooking methods. For example, in the North-West of the country popular dish khingal that is very similar to dumplings. His stuffing made from meat, korut (dried curd) and fried onions. Lankarani famous chicken stuffed with nuts, jam and onions. Confectionery can be divided into two groups: cookies (shaker-Luke Onlayn, kurabe) and cakes with nut filling, which is known as baklava. The most popular national drink – it’s sherbet. It is prepared from lemon, saffron, sugar, seeds of Basil and mint, as well as different fruits.


One of the most interesting traditions of Azerbaijani is the Novruz holiday . which is dedicated to spring and beginning of the new year. It is celebrated on March 21. Before the celebration of Novruz Azerbaijanis celebrate four pre-environment: “Wednesday on the water” (su carsanba), “the fire” (Odlu carsanba), “the earth” (Torah carsanba) and “Last Wednesday” (ahir carsanba) . According to popular belief in the “late” the spring was coming. One of the main in this day is the ritual of preparation of ritual meals Samani (porridge made of wheat). In addition, the ceremony of cooking accompanied by dances and songs.

Celebrated and last day of the year. On this day the whole family gathers together. The head of the family performs the prayer and prays. After you hear the shot, which informs you about the beginning of the meal is dairy pilaf. When the Novruz, all dressed in new clothes, and start the festivities. The table should be seven dishes, each of them begins with the letter “C”: SCAD (milk), samini, sumac, serke (vinegar), sabzi (greens), etc. are Also on the table is a candle, a mirror and a painted egg. It is believed that as soon as you swing the egg – will begin the New year. After that, all congratulate each other. On the first day of the New year in the house all night light.

In addition, celebrate the holidays on the Muslim calendar. In particular, the “feast of the sacrifice” (“Corban”), “the Feast after fasting” (“Ramazan Bayrami”), “Mevlut Bayram” (birth of Mohammed). These festivals are celebrated in Azerbaijan at the state level.

Wedding traditions

Especially interesting wedding traditions of Azerbaijan. In this country there are many different wedding customs. One of the first – it swag gendarme or notification about the matchmaking. If the girl’s family does not agree to the marriage proposal, the relatives of the young man asks help from respected people, to help to obtain the consent. There is also a small custom matchmaking, according to which the matchmaker bride the boy’s mother and another close relative.

The Azerbaijanis there are Small and Large betrothal. The first betrothal no groom, but the family guy give the bride a wedding ring, a scarf and sweets. A few months later the main engagement. At the betrothal the girl presented with many gifts, except for shoes. The most interesting traditional gift – that “Shah”. It is a wedding decoration from a tree branch, on which is attached a candle, mirror, brocade, fruit and candy. The dowry brought into the house of the groom a few days before the wedding.

Religious legitimation of marriage takes place before the wedding. The ritual is carried out of the Mall (the representative of the Muslim mosque), whom I thank with money and sugars. When this ceremony present only the closest relatives. Wedding itself (“The one”) can last up to three days. All guests have expressed kind words to the newlyweds and dance. The left and right of the groom are his closest friends (young). The groom’s mother should prepare gifts for them. The main thing is that the bride and groom danced a lot.

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