V Regional theatre festival “Dolgoprudniy fall”

Fifth Regional theatre festival “Dolgoprudniy autumn” . already anniversary, was held in Dolgoprudniy the theatre “City” with the support of Ministry of culture of Moscow region, Administration of city Dolgoprudny and the Committee on culture, physical culture, sports, tourism and youth Affairs. Having a permanent residence in this beautiful suburban location, the festival has become a landmark event for his entire life. Every autumn the whole city is waiting for this spectacular celebration, the Director of the festival Jeanette Harutyunyan satisfied with his great taste and panache. Annual participation in the festival are waiting for all theatres in Moscow region, provincial and municipal. Have an understanding of live festival communication contributes to the development of theatrical space of the suburbs, and it is here, in brew festival, new creative ideas and projects. And, of course, identification of new “stars” and theatrical leaders.

Beautiful spectacular opening and closing – the most important moments of shared celebration. Because the opening was invited to the Theatre of puppets “Sofit” from Voskresensk – a unique group indispensable on city celebrations and national holidays, the festival also flashed his charming puppet community in the play “Magic pot cat Matroskin” . And at the closing Podolsky drama theatre showed “game in the style of rock” called “Fragments” – fantasy by Arbuzov’s “Cruel intentions” directed by Oleg Efremova . No, he not a relative of the great Oleg Nikolaevich Efremov – but the successor General theatre, recently headed Podolsky theatre and set it aside current youth art.

It should be noted, competition between theaters, gathered at the festival, there were serious. Suburban theatres continuously gaining strength and part of directing, and acting – especially during the annual meeting of the festival program.

For example, the Moscow regional state Chamber theatre . one of the most respected members “Dolgoprudniy autumn”, this time has flashed skill that it was impossible not to note: acting Duo performance of “Walk-on Russian,” by S. Lobsanova – Valentine Konovalenko and Nikolai Baskani – took the prize for best female and male roles . However, who knows, Valeria Yakunin . artistic Director of this theatre, excellent company, he is a tireless bestowal acting and talented personnel, a serious Director. And thanks to Dmitrov theatre “the Big nest” . brought “Family portrait with banknotes” directed by Dmitry Yumashev . the festival was formed even “Lovozersky diptych” that instigated as a result, the debate about Lobozerova and stage readings.

Lobnensky Chamber stage . every time which to the festival with a variety of genres, this time made playfully and easily, showing Gogol’s “Night before Christmas” in the style of a homemade splint. But the owner of the festival, Dolgoprudniy theatre “the City” . stretched his own line “Schmitt “, showing for the second (after the “Oscar and the Pink Lady”) a performance of his play staged by Yury Solovyov – this time “Enigmatic variations” . Telling us about the two romantico (they played Andrey Dolotov and Damir Bahtiev ), who invented the story of his love, and stepped over the edge of reality, in the direction of pure metaphysics.

Chekhov’s city theatre at this time were innovative and showed “the City” by E. Grishkovets in the direction of Sergey Kramarenko . And giving breath of the entire troupe for the further development of new drama. The story of “confused soul” of the hero, rushing in search of “true life”, was played enthusiastically and accurately and “on Grishkovets” came that evening the whole city of Dolgoprudny, but in the hall was no free space.

Yet the leader and the absolute idol festival days was the Moscow regional state theatre for young people . showing Comedy P. Calderon “do not joke With love” in directing Nicholas Drucei . This young team has taken away with itself “Grand Prix” . playing avant-garde performance and extremely refined, have found the key to Spain in the XVI century special sound-the plasticity and modern drive, bringing together the scene and the audience in a unified experience of an ancient story.

Puppet theaters, according to tradition, was an active front. As always energetic and diverse, the Moscow regional state puppet theatre (last year’s winner of the Grand Prix) showed the tale of Vladimir Biryukov “Brother Fox and Brother Rabbit” in the beautiful design of the artist Viktor Nikonenko . Arrived at “Dolgoprudniy autumn” and her constant, faithful participant of the Moscow theatre “Three Faces” . in which only two people, Elena Martynov and Viktor Dragoons . which works wonders together with your girls-brats the size of a little finger. This year they played “the widow’s wedding” (modification of “Flies, Zokotuhe”) – however, whatever they showed, magic, and the fragile peace of their fantasies are always fascinating, mesmerizing. And another first for the festival of Chamber theatre “pilgrim” from Kolomna . His actors with puppets played Russian epic story “earth” . involving your game hall and giving him a real treat.

Children’s performances always make up a fair part of the festival program, and many of them are very good. As “boldly buzzing Fly” Dolgoprudniy theatre “the City” directed by Anton Presnov – light airy improvisation, in which reigns a celebration of youth: young and fresh direction, young acrobats, actors and joyful wildness fabulous life. Suits same artist Anastasia Danilova were worthy of the prestigious exhibition halls.

But the true brilliance of this time showed musical performances, competed with each other in splendour and artistry. Chamber Youth theatre “Zazerkalye” brought from Serpukhov “the Tale of lost time” by E. Schwartz . delivered Oksana Kudryavtseva . where children play as adults. And we are impressed by miracles child pedagogy, unlocking the secret of an amazing work with children, making them all extremely talented.

Pushkin musical theatre . he, as usual, thoroughly and solidly performed the children’s Opera “the Wolf, the Fox and the forest wonders!”. Again in the rapture our culture children’s spectacle and vocal technique. Irresistible Cyril Demyanov as singing Wolf was so good that he got all the sympathy and the award for best supporting actor.

And the musical theatre of young actor “Orpheus” from Balashikha . long known as circles of experts “magical”, played the musical “About many six-legged. “And it was really magic, in which children are portrayed nasekomye world – flies, mosquitoes, bees, fireflies, grasshoppers, dragonflies and other animals – and this world appeared in the form of a fantastic of extravaganza, worthy of our best dreams and desires. Put this fantasy Svetlana buyko together with Director Andrey Kryuchkov . Those who have never seen this theater, I highly recommend a trip to Balashikha.

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