Wedding traditions of different countries

For each of us accustomed certain wedding traditions, like the cake cutting and tossing of the Bridal bouquet. And it seems that the wedding may be a wedding, if not complied with all the wedding ceremonies. But many people have their own traditions, which they followed for many centuries.

All wedding ceremonies involve the different traditions that pass from generation to generation. These practices can have a lot of differences, because of the wedding, religion, and the country in which this celebration is held. Some wedding traditions can throw in a real shock, others make us laugh at them, but all the same one thing never changes, it is the steadfast traditions, in a world where everything is so fast moving forward and changing.

Today ladysong I will try to tell you all the most interesting wedding traditions and customs that many centuries ago, has developed in different countries of the world.

Wedding traditions of France

Wedding ceremonies that country prescribe the bride with all his strength and actions to resist the wedding ceremony. Before the start of the ceremony, every bride needs to cry, showing everyone around his opposition to the marriage and grief. At the peak of his suffering, the bride has to escape on the way to Church. But she needs to run so that it could catch up. As a result, considered that the harder she suffered and resisted, the better and holier than it will be. Makeup Smokey ice is suitable for all the girls.

Wedding ceremonies Germany

As is inherent in the German people, in this country, very carefully monitor the observance of all the ancient wedding rituals and traditions. To accurately perform all traditions, was created for this special instruction, in which up to the small little things were painted, what you must do future newlyweds for six months prior to the wedding, and for three months, for a few weeks and so on. In addition, here is the celebration day, and three days after his graduation.

Speaking more concretely, the evening before the wedding, the future husband and wife should beat the dishes to disperse in the house all evil spirits and all the hardships in their family life. All invited guests to this celebration needs to do the same, before entering their home. Before the wedding, the groom puts in the glove of his bride a gold coin, so that in future family always had money. And the bride on her wedding day should wear three garments: one new – in the sign of nonacosane in family life, one old, to continue the family tradition. You also need to put on leg garter suspender blue color that you want before the wedding to borrow from the friend, who lived for several years in a happy marriage.

Wedding traditions of Italy

During her wedding in Italy must cut a large wedding cake to tasty treats got all the invited guests. This ceremony is one of the most important guests require the bride excellent computing ability and attentiveness. And while the bride is engaged in the cutting of the cake, one of the brides maids invisible to everyone up under the table and carefully sews one side of the pants of the groom to hem wedding bridesmaid dresses that nobody in the world could not keep them apart.

Wedding ceremonies Armenia

Wedding in Armenia is a unique holiday that is unique in its generosity, grandeur and beauty. The wedding festivities last a whole week and is accompanied by a large number of gifts, a gorgeous meal and a long toast. The existence of exotic wedding is the art of riding, the sacrificial bull, shots in to the air weapons and more.

Wedding starts with the collusion of the parents, which concerns the size of the precious ransom for the bride. It is not necessary that the groom was rich, as long as he was smart and funny, and the bride can just steal, if the groom is not satisfied with the buy-out.

In the wedding ceremony of Armenia’s day of wedding bride and groom is the most important wedding tradition. The groom along with his family visits the house of his bride and for one hour engaged in small talk until the bride come down to him. The groom brings with it many gifts, fruit, sweets and red wine, and it all has to be pre-lit in the Church. Make a trendy manicure, 2013.

Wedding traditions UK

In the UK everything is much easier. The most important thing in the wedding ceremony, it is the journey that sent the husband and wife after the wedding ceremony. It is not necessary that wedding journey was expensive and distant. If the bride and groom on a tight budget, then on a journey they can go on foot to a nearby village and town.

Wedding ceremonies in Africa

Different peoples of Africa for centuries, they honor and respect their rituals and traditions. Although in the twenty-first century all of these traditions may seem people just absurd. So what are we talking about? From ancient times on their wedding day the newlyweds expects the toughest test: the first part of the ceremony involves a long process of sawing off the tusks to the bride and groom without using anesthesia. The whole point of this ritual is that sawed the tusks bride and groom confirmed that they do not belong to evil spirits. There is another equally funny wedding tradition. for wedding table sitting only women, but all men, who for a whole night they cooked during the festival rest.

Wedding ceremonies Kenya

In this country there is one very funny custom: on the newly made groom wear women’s clothes, and in this dress he should go on for one month. This must be done in order that the man could understand the hard lot of women and with greater tenderness and love for his wife. Despite the fact that this ritual is very comical, Kenyans adhere to it very strictly, and there is no objection against him. And women enjoy the moment, take photos of their spouses in female garb, and save them for the family album. Here’s an interesting wedding tradition!

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