What is so attractive about Italy?

Italy — one of the most interesting, unique, beautiful countries in the world. This country has its own unique character, its color and its characteristic temperament (rightly so!). It’s a sea and mountain country. Located in the South of Europe from the Alps to the Mediterranean sea, it takes quite a vast area: the Peninsula, the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Italy has access to five seas: Irrenencome, Ionian, Adriatic, Ligurian and Mediterranean. The geography of this unique country, tourism is flourishing all year round as in summer you can relax on one of 5000 Italian beaches, and in winter more active guests can go to the mountains and have a great time on one of the many ski resorts in Italy.

Italy is so versatile that the options for how to spend your Italian vacation, a huge amount. Sightseeing of historical and cultural attractions, shopping trips and tours on the weekend, study abroad (to study Italian in Italy is not only effective, there is a kind of glamour!), culinary tours and so called event tours (for example, participation in the famous Venetian carnival).

A long rich history of this country, each city annually attract millions of tourists like a magnet. Among the most famous attractions of Rome, capital of Italy, eternal city, which is over 3 thousand years, allocate the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Forum, the baths of Caracalla, arch of triumph, the Cathedral of St. Paul, the Capitoline Museum, the national Museum. In Milan is the famous Opera house “La Scala”, the Church of San Ambrogio, the monastery with the fresco “the last supper”. A unique city-Museum of Venice, whose historical center is situated on 118 Islands with 400 bridges. The famous “Leaning tower” is also in Italy, in the picturesque town of Pisa. Italy — a country where every city and town will be found the place where he lived, studied, rested, worked for someone famous.

Shopping in Italy — it’s much more than just shopping, it’s a kind of ritual. In Italy you can bargain almost everywhere, except public stores with low prices. In the province you can find the shops at wholesale stores where sold out items from past collections “pret-a-porte” even well-known Italian fashion designers are much cheaper than in the capital or big cities. In Italy, there is seasonal discounts ( sconti ) from January 7 to March 1 and from 10 July to 31 August. The farther to the South of Italy, the products are cheaper. But the number of offers of the most fashionable brands and supernova collections of leader Milan. When it comes to clothing and shoes, Milan can be called the first Italian trading city. Here you can find shops of Antiques, accessories and other luxury items. Less expensive high-quality clothes you can buy in Corso Buenos Aires and Corso Vittorio Emanuele. So, if you have the desire and the opportunity, in Milan you can buy a very interesting new clothes.

If updating your wardrobe during the holidays is not included in your plans, buy yourself a hat of Italian straw, and a gift for the lovers of strong drink — a bottle of Italian grape vodka Grappa. You can also buy fine wine of the fourteenth century. Will be a good souvenir landscape work of street artist.

Carnival — this is one of the most important and colorful components of event tourism. In respect of the Venetian carnival is an acceptable concept of “brand”. In order to merge with bright cheerful crowd in the city is annually visited by more than 500 thousand romantically inclined tourists. Generally, tourists do not go for the whole carnival, and in its Central part, which occupies 3-4 days. Each year the carnival will be opened by the oldest Festa delle Marie . which is dedicated to the liberation of the Venetian girls, kidnapped by pirates from Istria. St. Mark’s square shows are held in the style of Commedia Dell’arte, and then viewers are bombarded by a rain of confetti. Take to the streets, thousands of harlequin, Pierrot, Pantaloon, and Columbine. A great procession takes place from the Palace of St. Peter to St. Mark’s square, where, after a symbolic burning of effigies start dancing.

Training abroad. specifically in Italy, too, has its advantages: you can cover not only language learning, but also to taste Italian life to the full. First, after the class You can practice your Italian virtually everywhere: in shops, restaurants, museums and just on the street. Italians are very friendly and helpful people, they will gladly answer all Your questions. Secondly, choosing a course of study abroad, you can use not only the proposal to study the Italian language, many schools offer the study of the Italian language + additional course: history of art and literature, culinary arts, fashion and design, Italian wine tasting. The demand for studying abroad is growing every year, and language centers is looking for new ways to attract students, so such proposals are becoming more diverse, and any tourist and the student will find something for themselves.

Indescribably beautiful nature, no doubt a great history of Italy is not all. Italian food — another “highlight” of this country. There is hardly one who does not will taste national dishes of Italy — macaroni, pasta of all kinds, ravioli, soups-minestrone, grated Parmesan cheese, risotto and many other Goodies, as well as fine Italian wines.

And that’s not all of Italy in its diversity, luxury and modesty, his love for the beautiful and noisy celebrations and holidays. And no matter what way of discovering this country You select, You will always want to return to this hospitable country.

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