Winter Venice

If you miss cold winters to warm and bright holiday, dream of an unusual journey and like all mysterious, then you certainly should go to the unique Italian city of Venice. Known to every lover of travel from the school as the city of canals, gondoliers and bridges, it will surprise every guest of the city, as he was preparing to meet her.

To feel at once the city, to understand the meaning of its traditions and customs, to appreciate its canals and bridges, should start around Venice in a small boat. It can be quickly and comfortably reached from the airport to the city under this marine road, fenced on both sides by wooden piles. There is a feeling that you are riding in the limo with a huge, long cabin over the blue surface of the sea. Suddenly appearing on the horizon, Venice impresses with its growing out of the water domes and bell towers that are especially solemn look in February for ten days, during the traditional carnival.

The beginning of the Venetian carnival

The main and most interesting events take place in the centre of the ancient city. Once on the Central square, you will witness a bright beginning of the show. Held here the carnival of Venice is known worldwide. It seems that on the day it starts all Venice is going to the famous Piazza San Marco. All eyes are beautiful girl that usually is chosen from the set of candidates for the opening ceremony of the carnival. It’s under the gaze of thousands of eyes gently and slowly down the rope to the main tower standing on the square. That moment, when she successfully lands on the stage, standing in the square, is considered the beginning of the carnival.

After that everyone starts to have fun as much as they can. Past you on giant stilts are well-dressed young people. Followed by fun beating drums older men. Dressed in various costumes and masks, many visitors and Venetians just stroll through festively decorated streets.

The largest crowd gathers in Piazza San Marco, where all present are occupied by only one – a demonstration of their costumes and masks and photographing each other. Immediately you will notice three types of carnival participants. The first type include those who are dressed in medieval costumes. Among slicked-back men in powdered wigs and ladies in gorgeous gowns you will feel trapped in medieval Venice, when all the inhabitants of the city in everyday life wearing masks.

The second type of carnival participants – the so-called mummers. Around you fun jump bunnies, running around cartoon characters and famous movie-masterpieces by famous Hollywood Directors. Well and the third group is the most mysterious members of the carnival. This group includes quite wealthy tourists who make themselves pretty complex masks and costumes and spend huge money.

Carnival marches through the city

From the main square of Venice participants go through the streets and squares of the city, giving it a certain aura of mystery and Enigma. The most popular place for walking is the Castello promenade where you can eat in the many street side cafes. In February in Venice is quite warm weather, reminiscent of the end of March or beginning of April in Russia. Inside located on this quay and in other places in the city restaurants not worth it to go if you want to save your money. During the carnival in all the pubs of the city and places of public catering, there are a significant margin.

But what is to be spent – this is a walk along the canals of Venice on holiday decorated gondola. Gondoliers, which the city always 425, usually for their work take a lot. Even a short walk along the famous Grand canal can cost you 50 euros. If you’re strapped for cash, and the desire at least for a few short minutes to visit a country that is skating on the canals of Venice, you can take a trip on traghetto – a small boat similar to a gondola, only without the special seats and decorations. It transports passengers through the channels at very short distances from one Bank to another.

In the evening, wealthy participants who have received or bought invitation, go to one of the numerous palaces of the city at the gala ball. The colour society meets usually in the Palace Pisani Moretta.

The ball consists of two equal parts. In the first part invited to sit at the table, polite conversation, trying medieval dishes and drinking expensive wine. And the second part is learning under the guidance of an experienced choreographer to be popular dances: waltz and minuet. If this kind of occupation you think is boring, or you don’t hit the ball because of the high price of the invitation, that you are completely satisfied free disco in Piazza San Marco.

If you have a desire to purchase a unique souvenir that will remind you of the carnival of Venice, the best way to do this is to go the next morning to the island of Murano, where in your presence glassblowers will create a neat souvenir of Venetian glass.

After coming back home, you will long remember those few days that he spent in the luxurious atmosphere of the carnival in Venice. While this city is not flooded with the waters of the sea (scientists predict that it will exist in its present form somewhere half a century), we should try and visit it several times to soak in the unique atmosphere of the carnival and take a ride on the gondola on one of the 150 channels.

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