Each new “Moscow autumn” opens a new Chapter in the annals of the most representative and largest in the world international festival of contemporary music. As a living creative process “Moscow autumn” is constantly updated with fresh ideas, projects, new names. But it retains its aesthetic and moral priorities.

This forum is a professional composer’s creativity is Russian and world premieres of our contemporaries — composers from Moscow, other cities of Russia, the “near” and “far” Abroad. This multi-genre musical Vernissage unites composers of different generations, creative aspirations, styles, trends and searches.

XXXVI festival “Moscow autumn” exhibits 47 concert programs, offering audiences the novelty orchestral ( symphonic and chamber music, brass bands, for orchestra of Russian folk instruments), chamber, choral, song, jazz, electroacoustic music, multimedia projects.

The festival marks the anniversary of outstanding masters of Russian musical art — A. Pakhmutova, V. Rubin, Evgeny Krylatov… Festival cherishes the national tradition is worthy of their programmes on the music of the past masters.

Festival every year younger new names of talented graduates of music schools. For the first time in its history, the 36th festival opens with the project “Young composers and Symphony orchestra of radio »Orpheus»”. And overall its program. moreover, in all genres, premieres abound of young authors. In the concerts of the festival take part as well-known soloists, state and municipal groups, and young professional musicians, laureates of international and all-Russian competitions.

The concerts take place in the Great hall of the Moscow House of composers, Great and Rachmaninov halls of the Moscow state Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky, the Concert hall of the Gnesins. Gnesinyh.

In the program XXXVI “the Moscow autumn”:

• “Symphony of the meeting”(4 p.m.)

• the premiere for chamber orchestra (2 nights)

• new works for wind orchestra (1 night)

• choral Prime Assembly (6 nights)

• contemporary music for orchestra of Russian folk instruments(3pm)

• chamber ensembles play the premiere(7 nights)

• “Russia -Norway”-international duet (1 night)

• Prime Camerata (12 nights)

• two nights Patriotic songs

• jazz “Moscow autumn”(1 evening)

• a concert of electroacoustic music – the 100th anniversary since the birth of E. A. Murzina

• The Mark Pekarsky percussion ensemble — the 85th anniversary since the birth of E. V. Denisova

In the concerts of the festival will feature works nearly 250 modern composers of Moscow, the guests of the festival from Chuvashia, Mordovia, Dagestan, North Ossetia– Alania; St. Petersburg, Samara, Surgut, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Tver, Yekaterinburg; Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Georgia, Belgium, the UK, Kazakhstan, France, USA, Japan.

To participate in the concert programs XXXVI “the Moscow autumn” invited:

• Symphony orchestra of radio “Orpheus”

• Moscow state Symphony orchestra for children and youth

• Moscow city Symphony “Russian Philharmonic”

• Academic Bolshoi Concert orchestra. Y. V. Silantyev

• The chamber orchestra “the seasons”

• The chamber orchestra of FRAMES it. Academy

• National academic folk instruments orchestra of Russia. N. P.Osipova

• Symphony orchestra of the Chuvash state academic Symphony

• “Academic band” FRAMES it. Academy

• Soloists ensemble “Studio of new music”

• Moscow Ensemble For Contemporary Music

• “The gallery of Actual Music” ( GAM-ensemble)

• Theatre Mark Pekarsky percussion

• The group is “twentieth century”

• Ensemble “Freedom of sound”

• State academic Russian choir. Sveshnikov

• State concert — theatrical chapel of Moscow them. V. A. Sudakova

• Philharmonic choir autumn

• Choral theatre of Boris Pevzner

• The chamber choir of Moscow Conservatory

• String Quartet. Y. I. Yankelevich

• “New Russian Quartet”

• The Moscow piano Quartet. M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov

• “Glazunov-Quartet”

• Ensemble of gusla players of “kupin”

• Moscow cello Quartet

In the days of the festival will take place: a Collection of composers and musicologists of Moscow — members of the Moscow Union of composers, meetings, “round tables”. The organizing Committee hopes that, as before, information support will be provided Media: radio, TV programs and “Orpheus”, “Radio Russia”, “Culture”, “Voice of Russia”, “TV Culture”, “Moscow 24”, REN-TV, the newspaper “Musical review” and “Play from beginning”, agencies “Tournai”, “SideShow”,  magazines “Music Academy”, “Musical life”, “Music and time”, “Music magazine”, “Philharmonic”, the press service of the Russian authors ‘ Society, the Internet and other partners. Concert programs, articles, photographs, commentaries, information about composers and musicians published in the form of company booklet “XXXVI international festival of contemporary music »Moscow autumn»”.

The Board of the Moscow Union of composers, the organizing Committee and arts Council festival thank for the financial support for the assistance and cooperation: the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, Department of culture of Moscow, the Russian authors ‘ Society, the Russian Union of rights holders, the Moscow House of composers.

Premiere works is an event which participants are not only a Composer and Performer, and Listener. Free entry to the concerts of the “Moscow autumn” only confirms the idea of the festival: I want to make contemporary music accessible!

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