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Festival of author’s song of a name of Valery Grushin Late spring in Chelyabinsk calendar of arts was awarded three sounded quite bright and large-scale festivals — is the regional festival “Theatre spring”, which summarized the results of two creative seasons 12 theaters in the area, “Theatrical experiences-98” is held for the fifth time “Dummy” international laboratory of experimental theatre, and star kaleidoscope-98″ — the second international festival of children’s music. In June, the festival stage will be replaced literally open for all meadows and fields. Two well-known festival go on summer space, inviting in your circle now folk artists, Amateur artists, performers of art song — Ilmen and Bazhov.

“Will swing the dome of the sky. ”

– for the 25th time this year Ilmensky festival turns 25 years old. The predictions that the previous (officially the 21st, there were three underground) will be the last, thank God, not destined to come true. With great difficulty, to Express discontent and nominating severe conditions (after all, again, more than 10 thousand (!) people will have three days to stand on a already Packed at a quarter of a century the famous meadow on the Bank of the Ilmen lake) miasskoe forestry and the city Council went towards the festival-jubilee. Now for the second time “Ilonka” will be held not only on one (as in all previous years) enthusiasm. Now she’s written one of the main activities in the programme of management of culture of the region and has as many as eight co-founders.

Contrary to the proverb “too many cooks.” organization and program of the festival is thought out and not just discussed on the organizing Committee, as they say, to each item. Recently, the head of the main Department of culture Vladimir Makarov, Director of the festival Mikhail Dostovalov and artistic Director, edited by Larissa visited the venue and had a difficult but a very constructive conversation with co-founders from Miass. As we said the Director of “Almanci” M. Dostovalov, the festival runs from 11 to 14 June, the participants will be accommodated in a tent camp (LLP Ğilmenyğ possible by arrangement to purchase vouchers) will be provided with firewood and drinking water. There is a hotel Parking transport and food & beverages. However, not only. Like last year, the sponsoring firms and local craftsmen and peddlers promise a quite varied range of products, from snacks and drinks to books, articles and audio cassettes.

Specifically, with regard to the festival program, only one of the contests there are seven. In addition to the main competition for original song nominations “authors”, “performers”, “bands”, it is “Our generation” (the contest of schoolchildren, students of vocational schools), “Sing tristate” (song competition preschoolers and primary school children), the “Bard of KVN” the humorous contest “the Ilmensky nails”, “Night chord” (the tourist song contest) and “the Ilmensky coast” (the contest).

And “Ilmeny-98” is a never — ending masters concerts and clubs art song of the Ural region, the winners of previous festivals, for the first time — singing actors of drama, this musical jam, “an hour of classical guitar”, bard lottery, press conference with celebrities and their creative workshops, this presentation CDs, albums, books, special training large sports and entertainment celebration, morning rhythmic charge, evening campfire songs and the final three-day song marathon evening in memory of Bulat Okudzhava.

On the guest list for the anniversary “Ilenko” VIP guests, master singer-songwriters — Oleg Mityaev and Konstantin Tarasov, Sergey Nikitin, Leonid Sergeev, Valery and Vadim misuki, Grigory Gladkov, Michael Waitzkin, Julius Kim — from Moscow, Chelyabinsk) — “the Seventh brigade”, Tatiana Fomenko, Jan Simon, “Ariel”, from Perm trio Matveeva, from Samara trio behalf Grushin, Isai Fishgold, Peter Elders, from Yekaterinburg Sergey Bohancev, from Barrow — Anatoly Kireev.

Many of them will become members of the big concert “Silver age “Almanci”, which will take place on 14 June at the stage of academic drama.

“Blue lake”,

take your talents!

Nepryahino, Chebarkul district, recreation center “Blue lake” on the Bank of Anukula — address sixth Bazhov of the festival, which will take place from 19 to 21 June.

This celebration of folk art, which gradually passes into the nationwide (now in it besides the Ural participating teams from Bashkiria, Udmurtia, Orenburg, Tyumen), was a press conference conducted by the Directorate of culture of the region, together with the folk art center. Opening it, head of the chair of the organizing Committee Vladimir Makarov said:

— Bazhov, the festival has managed to assert its importance in the development of folk art of our region, to identify his talents that expanded the geography of its influence, has attracted the attention of not only neighboring regions and republics. And this only confirms that the process of revival of Amateur creativity, which today is in incredible condition, still inevitable. And because, despite extreme financial difficulties, with the help of the Federal netting we have a responsibility to maintain and perform at a higher level than the previous one.

Presented to journalists the festival program (six months she was the center of folk art with a selection of the best and most interesting identified in the course of the season) such optimism is consistent. Chebarkul district chosen as the center of the festival is not accidental. Here, as perhaps nowhere else, the living traditions of the Cossacks. And “Ural evenings” in “Traykovski the upper room” with the ensemble of Cossack song, with harmonica and dancers promises to significantly and visibly to represent them.

The revival of the Urals holidays are also one of the noble tasks of barovnav. One of the festival days is planning a kaleidoscope of fragments of these holidays. Argayash and Kunashak areas are taken for even their yurts.

First Bazhov festival will invite to his army scene Amateur — winners of the festival of the army song “Where are you, dashing singer?”, give free rein to “the Childish nursery rhymes” — competition of children’s creativity, as part of its celebration of Bashkir and Tatar song “Time Sakura”, a creative meeting with poets and composers of the Urals. And, of course, the traditional opening of the fair “City of masters” applied and artistic creativity and the final carnival “the mistress of Copper mountain”.

More than 700 participants will tent camp Bazhov of the festival, which already has its own icon and the emblem, and topped with her signature collection of minerals.

It is not excluded that subsequently this festival could become even internationally there are already the first calls from Moscow with the application for participation and a proposal to bring foreign guests.

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